Facilitation Team

Kay S. Crouch

Kay is a retired community college music instructor and talented musician.  She has been active in the NC Great Teachers Seminars since 1998 and has staffed and/or coordinated many Great Seminars since that time.  She has also been involved in National GT events over the years and is a leader in the live music industry in western NC.

Chuck Bowling

Chuck is the father of two teenage girls, a biologist by training, and a potter at heart. He loves the outdoors (camping, hiking, swimming, and biking); making things with his hands using clay, wood, paper, and thread; and is a skilled Great Teachers practitioner. In his spare time, he teaches biology at McDowell Technical Community College.

Alison Moore

Alison is a community college math professor with a passion for professional development.  She is a leader on her campus in working with faculty who desire to improve their craft and is currently enrolled in the EdD Leadership Studies program at Lynchburg College in Lynchburg, Virginia.  Alison is actively involved in both the NC Great Teachers Seminar and Virginia Master Teacher Seminar.